Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No More Oil Changes by Walmart

So this past weekend I decided that I should change the oil on my Subaru. My last two oil changes were done by Walmart. Part of my reasoning is because of money. Walmart's oil changes have slowly creeped up to over $30.00. In the past they were $16.00, but that was when oil was cheaper too. I purchased a filter and oil form Walmart for $14.00 so I am already saving money. I got home and started changing my oil. I went to take the oil pan drain nut off and it wouldn't budge. I know what kind of torque it should take to remove this drain plug and this plug was on way too tight. I got the drain plug off and nothing was stripped, thank goodness. I started looking at the plug and the mounting face on the oil pan and they were caked with RTV sealant. Now I was pissed off, frickin' 16 year old Walmart oil change techs can't grasp the concept of what a clean sealing surface should be so instead they apply RTV and over torque my oil pan plug. I scrapped off all of the RTV from the plug mounting surface and the oil pan surface. It was amazing how easily everything sealed tight with minimal torque. I went to remove the oil filter and it twisted off with barely any effort which does not match the tightening procedure on the new oil filter. Never taking my car to them again for oil changes.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Google can Provide Some Answers!

I am not an expert on repairing any one machine, appliance or automobile. I do have a great background in machinery and  electrical equipment design, building and repair. Even if I am familiar with particular automobile I will ask the question to Google to see if anyone has written the same problem I am having. Google is also a great place to find PDF's of your lost owners manuals as well. With Google on your side you can almost fix anything just type your question in to the search box. "My refrigerator is too warm" is what I used to find many useful troubleshooting guides that people had to offer. Give it a shot.

Need Measuring Tools

I will be reacquiring some micrometers and telescoping gauges to replaces the ones I have either lost, sold or gave away. I had an ex engine re-builder that said to make sure you measure your own engine parts before taking them to your machine shop because they will always tell you that you need machining done but you may only need things to be cleaned and polished. Check your engine bores as well in multiple places along the height of the bore to make sure they are not too far out of taper.

Best Places for Used Auto Parts

I live in the Southwest so I am fortunate to have a good supply of rust free vehicles. However the values of these older vehicles are known and it is hard to find an old Camaro for $1,000. I can find great prices on used parts. My two places I search for them is on Craiglist and at the local U-Pull It auto parts yard. My current project motor was purchased from someone off of Craiglist and I got a great deal.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Best way to Save Money at Home

One of the best ways to save money at home to to start doing your own automobile or truck maintenance. Start off with simple chores like changing your air filter and wiper blades. Don't laugh, these simple duties will get your started with the confidence you need to tackle bigger jobs to help you save money with your car repairs.