Saturday, June 11, 2011

Great Deal on New Camshaft for my 350 Chevy Rebuild

I just received a brand new stock camshaft for my 350 Chevy small block rebuild. It is a stock non roller camshaft for the late 80's Chevy V8 truck. I got it on super special for about $27.00 delivered from Titan Engines off of eBay. I believe this was the last one at that price I got but they have a lot of other great deals. I now have my new cam bearings, my cam bearing installation tool and and my new camshaft. Now I can set my cam bearings in place and test fit the cam before I move on to the next stage of my rebuild. I am following the build process that David Vizard uses in his book "How to Rebuild your Small-Block Chevy".

New 350 Chevy Stock Camshaft