Who is Axel?

Axel is my little buddy, 35lb Doberman Pincher mix, he hangs with me in the man cave. He earned his name by never backing down from a fight no matter how big the other dog was. Our first neighborhood we lived in was a small subdivision where it seemed I was the only one that walked my dog with a leash. There were many times we were charged and Axel was attacked. He stood his ground ,doing his job even if the other dog was twice his size. He was attacked one time by a Shepard-Akita mix. He got rolled by this big dog but I had his back and both of us escaped without injury. I had to literally kick this other dog in the butt to get him to stop. I went back to the other dogs owner and yelled at her some more. When I got there the dog was again off the leash running around, what a knucklehead.