My Car History

Everyone has a car history. This is a list of all of the cars and trucks you have owned. Some people have only owned a few in their lifetime and others have owned many. Here is a list of cars I have owned both good and bad:

  1. 1975 AMC Hornet - Given to me by my father, built like a tank, transmission went out twice.
  2. 1974 Mercury Grand Marquis - $400 car. 429 Big Block! Fast on the freeway, 8 MPG, frame rusted, traded engine for GLH Turbo.
  3. 1976 Datsun 260Z -$90 car,  rusty, misdiagnosed head gasket repair failure.
  4. 1980 Audi 4000 - $400 car, ran for 2 plus years, awesome in the snow, sister warped the head.
  5. 1979 Dodge Omni - $200 car, 1.7 carb'd VW engine, toughest little car on 4 wheels, i beat the snot out of this car and ended up selling it for $150.
  6. 1977 Buick Regal - Good car, rusty, 307 chevy motor, Put on 4 barrel carb and manifold, got slower and got worse MPG, sold it for $300.
  7. 1986 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo - Fun, fast little car, had vapor lock issue in summer which it was not supposed to because it was EFI. Later learned that fuel pressure regulator too close to exhaust manifold.
  8. 1986 Dodge Daytona Turbo - $150 car, trashed motor, car was bought for parts.
  9. 1972 Lincoln Mark IV - Big nasty 460 Ford Big Bloc, slow, the Mercury was way faster, sold it.
  10. 1956 Ford F100 - Basket case, had 351W and 3 speed on tree, I rewired the electrical system and drove it for a few months, took it apart for rebuild, became a basket case again and I sold it.
  11. 1991 Dodge Omni - Got his from my Mom, great car, stock 2.2 had a little power, gave it to sister.
  12. 1981 Datsun 200SX - $175 car, reliable car, only put oil and gas in it.
  13. 1993 Dodge Shadow - This is the first car I financed like a big boy on my own, used GLH as trade-in.
  14. 1996 Plymouth Breeze - My first low interest financed used car. Nice car, reliable 4 cyl and auto trans not very fast.
  15. 1999 Ford F150 - My first new vehicle, great truck, only needed gas and oil changes.
  16. 2003 Subaru Impreza - Still driving this one because it gets almost 30 miles per gallon.
  17. 2007 Honda Pilot - Still driving this one, 8 passenger SUV that gets 23 MPG for $300 month.
  18. 1984 Chevy S10 Blazer Tahoe -  New project vehicle.
  19. 2013 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 - I just got this car a few months ago and I love. It's big, it's fast and I get over 30 mpg with it.
  20. 2013 Honda Pilot - I did not like the new Pilot we ended up having issues with it that appeared would be future problems that the dealer didn't want to admit to. We traded it in.
  21. 2014 Toyota 4 Runner - So far we love this vehicle!
That's a lot but I still have time to buy more cars and add more to my list.