Lessons Learned

This is the page where I will be sharing some of the hard lessons that I learned form over looking obvious things. It pays to be very diligent when diagnosing your own car problems.

Always check your Coolant Level
    I was having some problems with my 1976 Datsun 260Z. It seemed like it was getting vapor lock which was possible on the dual carburetor inline six cylinder car. I remember noticing that my coolant level was low but I assumed that it could not be causing my problems. Instead of checking compressions or anything else I assumed it was a head gasket, so I started the process of replacing it. Big mistake because I let the timing chain fall down slightly and the tensioner move a little causing me not to be able to get it back on the camshaft. While I was waiting for the junkyard to arrive and remove the car (car was very rusty and wasn't worth any more money) I noticed the coolant level was low and then it occurred to me that the twin side draft carbs had coolant lines running to them and that is why the car was vapor locking. I kicked myself for a while about that but I learned my lesson.