1983 Honda Passport Cub C70

I now have a new project! It's a bad ass motorcycle! 72cc of Honda fury!

1983 Honda Passport Cub C70

1983 Honda Passport C70 Cub
I've got some work to do to this bike. It has 5,000 miles on it and it may have been abused by some nieces and nephews. Looks like someone tried to jump it over the Caesar's Palace Fountain like Evil Knievel. It need lights, a started solenoid, and tires. I have the leg shielding for it and I will see how it fits with the new air filer cone. Stay tuned.

Step 1: getting the bike ride-able again.

I got the bike from my father-in-law which is awesome. We got it running ok after cleaning out the carburetor and getting some gaskets cleaned up and back together. It ran but still needed help. That's when we noticed the front suspension was dangerously loose and dented rear rim and eight missing spokes. Here are some tear down pictures.

1983 Honda C70 Front Forks Disassembled

1983 Honda Passport No Wheels
Step 2: Ordering parts to make it run in tip top shape

First thing this bike needed to run was a proper carburetor rebuild. I started looking for rebuild kits when I realized that I could get a brand new carburetor off of eBay for $20.00. I purchased the carburetor, new rear wheel spokes, new turn signals, and a tail light for around $100 total. The carb was the same name brand as the Honda factory carb and since installing it, my C70 has been a one kick bike ever since.

Old C70 Honda Passport Carburetor

New carburetor Honda C70 Passport, 70cc
Along with the new carb, I added a nice 35mm cone filter from eBay. I also purchased a separate intake manifold from eBay so that I could do some old hot rodders tricks to it. I smoothed out all of the rough casting areas, removed the burrs from both openings and then gave it a good cleaning. I believe the new intake was $9.00 shipped so it was worth it to me.

After a long over due oil change, some new gas, a new carb and air filter, the C70 was running like a top as all old Hondas do. As mentioned before the rear wheel was missing eight spokes. With wishful thinking, I replaced the eight broken spokes and tried to true the rim the best I could via Google and YouTube advice. I eventually replaced the rear wheel due to too large of a bend in the rim. I also decided to go with new larger tires 2.75" x 17" on both front and back. I also upgraded the rear shocks so that I could ride a little higher with the adjustable shocks. Here are before and after pictures of the larger tires on my bike.

Honda C70 Passport with 2.25" x 17" Tires

Honda C70 Passport with 2.75" x 17" Tires

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