Vehicle Sightings Worth Sharing

This is the page that Axel and I will share and discuss various vehicles that we have seen and have been able to take pictures of. Some of these vehicles may be cars, trucks, boats, RV's or any other powered contraption worth sharing with the world. I have a few of them and I need to start sharing because they are too great to keep to myself any longer.


1995 Ford Thunderbird - Ranchero: This is actually not a bad idea. You get the best of both worlds: Ford V8 Thunderbird luxury and a truck bed. This was a homemade conversion that gets an A+ for effort.
Ford Thunderbird Truck

T-Bird Pick Up Truck

1992 Chevy Rust Truck: I took this picture to show the damaging effects of rust on vehicles. This is a picture of an early nineties Chevy full size 4x4 truck from Michigan. Almost all vehicles are rust proofed in the Midwest but they will still rust from the inside out where the salt water gets inside of the doors and fenders.
Rust Stricken Chevy Truck

These are the cars that aren't quite classics but are worth showing and talking about especially these fine examples. I may be partial to some of these vehicles because I have probably owned a few of them in the past. You can always check my vehicle history page to see how your list compare to mine.

1975 Ford Pinto Woody Wagon: I saw this awesome woody wagon in a parking lot and had to snap a picture. I am sad because I did not have a higher resolution camera to catch how well this car was maintained. This car was in absolute clean and original condition. I was jealous that I did not own it. Check out the whitewalls!

Awesome Pinto Woody Wagon
1975 AMC Hornet: I am partial to the AMC Hornet because it was my first car that I drove and the car that I learned auto repair on. My Dad drove this car for years, then he gave it to my brother who drove it some and then I got it. When it broke down I had to learn to fix it or walk, so I learned.

AMC Hornet - All Original


I only have one off-the-wall boat to show you now but it is very popular according to my statistics. It is a homemade houseboat, I assume. It looks like a normal bumper pull trailer that was removed from its trailer frame and placed onto a homemade pontoon platform. The platform looks huge compared to the width of the trailer and maybe that is why it is sitting in a field instead of on a lake. It would probably need an oversize load permit to drive down the road. Either way it was a great feat in ingenuity on the owner's part.

Homemade Houseboat-1

Homemade Houseboat-2