Saturday, November 1, 2014

DIY Windshield Chip and Crack Repair for $10

A couple of days ago I was driving down the freeway and got a pretty nasty chip with crack in my windshield. These things were covered by insurance but these past few years it gets more difficult to deal with the insurance companies and making a claim let alone time it takes to go get it filled or have someone come out to do it. For folks that don't want to deal with making a claim for the rock chip there are now lost of companies selling windshield chip repair kits. After doing some research I settled on the $10 Glass Star America Windshield Chip repair kit at Walmart. There are numerous YouTube videos on how to do it which are worth watching. I still read and follow the directions but seeing the videos before hand give me a good idea of what to expect. Here is a picture of what the package looks like.

The kit doesn't look like much but it really works great. This has been my second repair using this kit so I do have some prior experience. My first repair still left some signs of the chip but it did not spread any further which is what we need to happen. Here are a few before pictures of my chipped and cracked windshield.

Chipped and Cracked VW Windshield Before Repair

Chipped and Cracked Jetta Windshield Before
So after using the Glass Star America repair kit and about 35 minutes, I had an excellent windshield repair. I do a lot of highway driving so I anticipate more of these. Take a look at the after picture, not too shabby for a $10 Made in America windshield repair kit!

VW Jetta Crack and Chip Repair After Picture