Sunday, September 26, 2010

$75.00 CNC Mini Mill Plan Set

Hi All,

I found some very nice and affordable plans for a CNC Mini Mill. Check them out.

75 Dollar Mini Mill

Three Phase Power in your Single Phase Garage for Lathe, Mill

This is always a problem with small garage shop owners. How do you get a good source of AFFORDABLE three phase power in your garage to power your lathe or milling machine? The traditional way is to buy a static phase converter. The static phase converters work ok but they leave you with only 2/3 of your original horsepower rating and they make that clicking noise when you shut your machine off. I came up with a better solution. I bought a new Variable Frequency Drive controller off of eBay for $140. It was a Taiwanese unit but it work great. The VFD does two things for you. It converts your single phase 220vac power to 220 Three Phase without the HP loss and it gives you digital speed control. This was awesome for me. It also made speeds changes a breeze. The key to all of this is that I had a non-used 220 circuit for an electric dryer on my electrical panel in the garage.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Craftsman Cordless Drill Driver, Lithium Ion

I just wanted to give everybody a quick review of a new Craftsman Cordless Screwdriver that I purchased and have been using. It is the 4.0v Lithium Ion Screwdriver, model #315.113980. I must say this has been one of the best little cordless screwdrivers I have ever owned. First of all this driver is about the size of my large hand but has the power to drive construction screws into 2 x 4's. I did this a few times but it seemed to run the battery out sooner as should be expected. This is the perfect driver to take around the house with you and tighten all of those loose hinges, doorknobs, and handles. The lithium ion battery holds a charge forever and charges easily. Here are some of the features this little screwdriver has:

  • Small compact size but the 4.0v Lithium Ion battery packs a big punch.
  • Has 23 torque settings.
  • Offers a two speed gearbox, low speed (200 rpm) and high speed (600 rpm).
  • Gearbox offers power for driver larger screws and the speed to drill holes.
  • Comes with the standard 1/4" hex drive with quick release.
  • I was able to easily find 1/4" hex drive drill bits to make this a very versatile tool  for my shop.
  • I purchased mine screwdriver for $40 which included the charger.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

AMC Hornet, My First Car

Here is a picture I took of a similar car that I had when I started driving. This one is in 100% better condition than the one I drove back East. Brings back the memories.