Plumbing Work - Faucet Replacement

After 10 years the faucet in the master bedroom finally started leaking. It was not a product failure but years of calcium and hard water deposit build-up.

Glacier Bay Leaking Faucet

Calcium deposits on faucet

When we built our house 10 years ago we chose Glacier Bay faucets. I replaced my master bathroom faucets with Glacier Bay once again because they hold up. This faucet leaked because it got the most use for 10 years by four people (young children included). I believe our hard water led to its demise. There are two big reasons why I chose Glacier Bay once again, price and materials. When shopping for faucets you want as much metal as possible. I tap everything with my ring to make sure and inspect the bottom threaded connections. Brass is good, but plastic threads have more of a chance of getting cross-threaded or broken when over tightened. In order to check out the faucet materials I actually pulled down the floor sample from the wall to check it out.

Here is a picture of the new Glacier Bay faucet installed. Nothing too fancy but was very similar in style to our last faucets and they were only $27.00.

New $27 Glacier Bay Faucet in ceramic sink

Close-up of $27 Glacier Bay Faucet
Installation was pretty easy. Make sure you read the directions. My biggest problem was fitting under the sink to reach the plastic nuts that hold the faucet to the sink. I actually used an over sized deep socket to fit the nut. Items you need to buy at the time to buy the faucets; clear silicon in a handy plumbers tube (not a caulking gun size), Teflon tape, and the sink trap compression fitting and nut 1 1/2". You will also need a strong stomach because you will be replacing the drain tube and sink stop which were nasty!!

New drain tube and sink trap nut, gasket

You have to start with a cleaned out cabinet

Under side of the rear of the sink

Faucet nuts and water line connections

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