Sunday, October 12, 2014

1967 Honda CL90, S90 Motorcycle Build

I found another motorcycle project that is turning out to look pretty nice. I started with a 1967 CL90 frame. I was able to add a CA200 front fork assembly too it. When it came time to find a gas tank for it, I found a Honda S90 gas tank that turned out to be in really good shape. I got an excellent price for it and then realized that if I want to use the S90 tank then I am going to need the S90 front forks for it. I looked into finding a CL90 gas tank but they are hard to find in good shape without paying an arm and a leg for them. Here are some pictures of the project now.

1967 Honda CL90 Pressed Steel Frame with Swingarm

1967 Honda CL 90 Frame with CA200 Forks and Shocks

1967 Honda CL90 Frame with CA200 Forks and 17" Wheel

1967 Honda CL 90 Frame Rolling Chassis

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  1. I like the "springer" front leading-link - a.k.a. Cub forks! I'm currently restoring a 1968 CL90, and it's also the "electric blue" as your frame is. I'm gonna keep the original telescopic forks on mine, buy kudos to you for finding a great use for an abandoned set of Cub forks. Be sure to post photos of the finished project!