Monday, October 6, 2014

1983 Honda C70 Passport Super Cub 100 MPG, Miles per Gallon

Here is my super gas mileage champ, a 1983 Honda C70 Passport Cub. It is reported to get 100 mpg and I believe it. I just ran it out of gas after filling it over three months ago. I was just using it to make test drives around the neighborhood. It is almost complete with the leg shields in place. All that I am missing are the mirrors and a front fender. I will have to modify a front fender to fit the oversized 2.75" x 17" tires that are on them The tires are the popular Michelin Gazelles. They have been great tires with excellent grip and a solid road feel.Here is my latest picture of it.

1983 Honda Super Cub C70 Passport - Front View

1983 Honda Super Cub C70 Passport - Rear View

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